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Mimosa Strain is a delightful hybrid, believed to be a genetic cross of Clementine and Purple Punch. With a THC content ranging between 20-22%, this strain offers a harmonious blend of uplifting effects and a relaxed body sensation. Its invigorating and energizing nature makes it a favourite among those seeking a burst of creativity and euphoria. The flavours and aromas of Mimosa Strain transport users to a tropical paradise, with prominent notes of citrus and a hint of grape, complemented by subtle earthy undertones.

The synergy of its parent strains contributes to a well-balanced experience, where the mind soars with positivity while the body enjoys a gentle calm. Mimosa Strain’s vibrant profile and versatile effects make it a go-to choice for various occasions, from social gatherings to creative endeavours, providing a unique and enjoyable cannabis experience for enthusiasts seeking a delightful escape into the world of hybrid strains.

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Mimosa Strain

  • Genetics:  Clementine x Purple Punch.
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 20-22%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Citrusy, tropical, with hints of grape and earthy undertones.
  • Effects: Uplifting, energetic, and creative with a relaxed body sensation.

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