Bud Bites

500mg (10 pieces)


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Presenting Bud Bites: a delightful blend of flavour and relaxation. A wonderful combination of fruity flavour and premium THC extract explodes in each bite-sized cube, taking your taste buds and mind on a euphoric journey. Precisely crafted, these gummies provide a discreet and easy method to benefit from THC, whether you’re using it to relax after a long day or to enhance social interactions with friends. They consistently deliver a dependable and constant experience thanks to carefully calibrated dosages. Savour the sweet flavours of Bud Bites and give your moments a delicious touch that will make you smile even more.

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  • Content: Each bag contains 500mg THC, CBD, or 1:1 with 50mg per piece.
  • THC flavours – total 500mg (50mg THC/piece)
  • CBD flavours – total 500mg (50mg CBD/piece)
  • 1:1 flavours – total 250mg THC : 250mg CBD (25mg THC : 25mg CBD /piece)
  • Variety pack only contains THC flavours
  • Bag Size: 4.5 x 5 inches

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Bud Bites

Mandarin, Strawberry, White Peach, Grape, Watermelon Lime, Variety, Guava CBD, Blueberry CBD, Tropical Punch 1:1, Cola 1:1


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