C.R.E.A.M. Live Resin All in One Kit (500mg)


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For cannabis fans, the C.R.E.A.M. Live Resin All in One Kit is the best option available. A 500 mg cartridge filled to the brim with premium live resin cannabis extract, a rechargeable battery, and a USB adapter designed for charging are all included in this complete kit. The live resin extract enjoys a special place among cannabis connoisseurs due to its high effectiveness and rich, well-rounded flavor. You may enjoy your live resin extract whenever you like, wherever you are, thanks to the rechargeable battery’s thoughtful design for long-lasting use. The USB adaptor makes charging easier and ensures that your equipment is always ready for use. You can effortlessly and discretely enjoy your live resin extract without any hassles thanks to the all-in-one kit’s simplicity. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated cannabis experience, use this chance to discover the world of luxury with the C.R.E.A.M. Live Resin All in One Kit right away.

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  • 3 voltage settings: 2.6v, 3.3v, 4.0v
  • 500mg of live resin cannabis extract
  • No additives or cutting agents
  • Sleek design with premium feel and gold details

Additional information

Live Resin Flavs

Afghan Kush (Indica), Banana Kush (Hybrid), Cake Crasher (Hybrid), Cherry Pie, Chiquita Banana, Cookies (Hybrid), Deathstar (Indica), Do Si Do, G13 (Indica), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid), Lemon Tree (Hybrid), Khalifa Mintz, Pineapple Express (Hybrid), Runtz, Slurricane, Sour Space Candy, Sprite Breathe, Stardog (Hybrid), Tyson (Indica), Wedding Pie


  1. Alexandre Esliger

    Absolutely fire

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