Zach’s Cake | Small Buds

THC 24-26%


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Zach’s Cake Small Buds is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between the strains Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. It is known for its sweet aroma and balanced effects. Zach’s Cake Small Buds has a sweet, vanilla-like scent with hints of grape and earth. The effects of this strain are typically balanced between a cerebral high and a relaxing body buzz, with users reporting feelings of euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. This strain is often recommended for daytime or evening use, depending on the dosage and individual tolerance. The “small buds” designation typically refers to smaller-than-average buds, which may have a slightly lower potency than larger buds, but can still provide a satisfying and enjoyable cannabis experience.

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Zach’s Cake | Small Buds Strain

  • Genetics: Wedding Cake x Zkittlez strains
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 24-26%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Sweet, fruity, with vanilla and spice undertones
  • Effects: Relaxing, calming, and mood-enhancing


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