Tranquil Elephantizer

THC 22-24%


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Tranquil Elephantizer Strain, an indica-dominant, emerges from the serene blend of Lavender and G13 strains, offering a unique escape into tranquility. It features a moderate THC level, ranging between 22-24%, making it an accessible choice for a wide spectrum of users. The strain is celebrated for its distinctive aroma and flavor profile: a harmonious fusion of herbal and floral notes, dominated by the calming scent of lavender, and complemented by a subtle earthiness. This aromatic blend evokes a sense of peaceful, natural serenity.

Upon partaking, the Tranquil Elephantizer Strain lives up to its name by delivering profound relaxation. Its effects wash over the body in gentle waves, easing stress and tension. The mind is coaxed into a state of calm, often leading to enhanced mood and a meditative peace. As the experience deepens, it may lead to drowsiness, making it an excellent choice for evening use, especially for those seeking relief from insomnia or seeking a peaceful retreat from the day’s stresses. This strain is a sanctuary in a hectic world, ideal for moments of introspection and rest.

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Tranquil Elephantizer Strain

  • Genetics: Lavender x G13 strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 22-24%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Herbal, floral, with undertones of lavender and earthiness
  • Effects: Deeply relaxing, stress-relieving, mood-enhancing, and can induce a meditative state or sleepiness.

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