ThinkHi Distillate Tips (1 gram)


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You can toke without smoking with weed pens. Weed pens, which can be used with a variety of cannabis oils ranging from THC to CBD, have become the most popular method of vaping cannabis oil. The build quality, design, dependability, and performance with pre-filled distillate cartridges were all factors in the selection of these THC cartridges.

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  • 89-97% THC
  • High Grade
  • Solvent Free
  • Organic Base
  • Disposable Cartridge
  • Fits Pharm 33 battery

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ThinkHi Flavours

Apple Fritter (hybrid), Sweet Island Skunk (sativa), Lemon Runtz (hybrid), Slurricane (indica), Watermelon Skittlez (indica)


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