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150mg Psilocybin (20 capsules)


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Theta Therapeutics provides a selection of microdose capsules intended to assist with several facets of overall health. Every product is customized to meet certain needs: Arousal capsules improve connection, vitality, and emotional balance; Night Time capsules support vivid dreams, regeneration, and deep sleep; and Daytime capsules increase immunity, energy, focus, and creativity. These natural ingredient-based capsules use a microdose method to deliver advantages that are mild but powerful. Each container holds twenty capsules and is meant for those who are at least nineteen years old. Discover comprehensive wellbeing with Theta Therapeutics’ cutting-edge microdosing solutions, which are designed to balance your body and mind day and night.

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Brand: Theta Therapeutics

Product Range:

Night Time Capsule Ingredients:

  • 150mg Psilocybin
  • 100mg Valerium Root
  • 50mg Reishi Extract
  • 50mg L-Theanine

Daytime Capsules Ingredients:

  • 150mg Psilocybin
  • 100mg Lions Mane Extract
  • 100mg Cordycep Extract
  • 25mg B3

Arousal Capsules Ingredients:

  • 150mg Psilocybin
  • 200mg Horny Goat Weed
  • 100mg Cordyceps Extract

Packaging: 20 capsules per package

Age Restriction: 19+

Approach: Microdosing for gentle, effective benefits

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Theta Capsule

Arousal Microdose, Daytime Microdose, Night Time Microdose


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