Rolex Hash (1 Gram)


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Rolex represents a top-tier variety of domestically-produced hashish. It is crafted using AAA+ grade cannabis cultivated in British Columbia. It’s worth noting that domestically-produced hashes can exhibit variations compared to standard ones. This divergence arises from the common practice of subjecting domestic hash to high-pressure heating, resulting in a final product that is pliable, functional, and durable. To create Rolex hash, hash artists initiate their process with freshly picked and frozen Indica flowers. From these flowers, frozen THC trichomes are meticulously extracted and isolated from any undesirable plant material. These pristine THC trichomes are then carefully pressed and imprinted with a seal of quality assurance. Subsequently, these solid blocks of pure THC are dried under optimal, cool conditions, which brings out more robust, earthy flavors and delivers a smoother and more refined smoking experience.

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