Quad Flower Pre-Rolls

5 X 1g


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The handcrafted Quad Flower offer a premium cannabis experience, meticulously crafted using only the finest flower. Each sleek, dark-themed metal tin contains five 1-gram pre-rolls, ensuring a consistent and high-quality smoke every time. The packaging features an eye-catching design with a fierce hippo logo and a colorful splash, highlighting the brand’s bold identity. Produced by Househippo and proudly Canadian made, these pre-rolls are designed for discerning consumers aged 19 and above who seek an elevated smoking experience. With Quad Flower, enjoy the rich, robust flavors and potent effects of top-tier cannabis in a convenient and stylish format.

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Quad Flower

  • Type: Cannabis
  • Weight: 1 gram each (5 pre-rolls)
  • Key Features: Handcrafted with premium AAAA flowers

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Hybrid, Sativa, Indica


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