Purple Punch

THC 25-28%


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Purple Punch is the combination of two indica-dominant classics that is delicious and sedating. Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple were crossed to produce the amazing, trichome-rich Purple Punch, which has a grape candy, blueberry muffin, and sour Kool-Aid aroma. The power of this strain hits the user between the eyes at first, then moves down into the limbs, giving them a one-two punch to the head and body. After dinner is the ideal time to have the wonderful dessert strain Purple Punch. Its effects could aid in treating nausea, tension, minor aches and pains, and insomnia.

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Purple Punch Strain

  • Genetics: Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 25-28%
  • Flavour & Aroma: grape, berry, blueberry
  • Effects: sleepy, relaxed, hungry

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