Purple Kush (AA+)

THC 17-22%


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Purple Kush is a renowned indica cannabis strain, resulting from the expert fusion of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics. A beloved choice among cannabis enthusiasts, this strain boasts a THC content typically ranging between 17-22%, delivering a potent and soothing experience. Its dense, vibrant buds exhibit a rich palette of colors, reflecting the strain’s impressive lineage. As you delve into the world of Purple Kush, your senses are greeted with an enticing combination of earthy undertones, sweet notes, and subtle hints of grape and spice. The aroma alone sets the stage for a captivating experience.

When consumed, Purple Kush takes users on a journey of deep relaxation and euphoria, enveloping the body and mind in a tranquil embrace. The strain’s sedative qualities make it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Notably, Purple Kush has the potential to elevate sensory perception, offering a heightened experience for those looking to explore the depths of their consciousness. With its stellar genetic lineage and well-balanced effects, Purple Kush stands as a testament to the beauty and potency of indica strains in the ever-evolving world of cannabis.

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Purps Strain

  • Purple Kush Strain properties:Genetics: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: Typically around 17-22%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, sweet, with hints of grape and spice
  • Effects: Deep relaxation, euphoria, sedation, and potential for heightened sensory perception.

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