Punch Breath

THC 18-22%


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Punch Breath is an indica-dominant strain that is the result of crossing Mendo Breath and Purple Punch. This strain boasts a THC content of 18-22%, making it moderately potent. The aroma and flavor profile of Punch Breath is complex and delightful, with strong notes of grape and berry mixed with earthy undertones and a hint of vanilla sweetness. These flavors are complemented by the strain’s strong, pungent aroma, making for a delightful sensory experience.

The effects of Punch Breath are primarily calming and relaxing, with a euphoric lift that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Many users report that this strain can also provide effective pain relief, making it a popular choice for those looking for a natural way to manage chronic pain. Overall, Punch Breath is a highly enjoyable strain that combines a delectable flavor and aroma profile with a powerful yet soothing high, making it a great choice for both recreational and medicinal users alike.


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Punch Breath Strain

  • Genetics: Mendo Breath x Purple Punch
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 18-22%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Grape, berry, earthy, vanilla
  • Effects: Calming, relaxing, euphoric, pain relief



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  1. Thomas Shue (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a full-bodied high with a great flavor, you’ve found it – Punch Breath brings it on. The high comes on fast and hard, smashing into both mind and body with an almost frenzied tingly effect. You’ll feel your spirits lift as sore muscles relax and you settle further and further into the couch.I typically use it in the afternoons.

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