Pink OG (AA+)


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The Pink OG strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its relaxing and sedating effects. It is believed to be a phenotype of the OG Kush strain, displaying similar characteristics but with its own unique qualities. When it comes to its flavors and aroma, Pink OG exhibits a pleasant combination of floral, sweet, earthy, and pine notes. This creates an enjoyable and aromatic experience for consumers.

In terms of effects, Pink OG is renowned for its relaxing properties. It can induce a sense of calmness and tranquility, making it suitable for those seeking relief from stress and anxiety. It can also provide a euphoric and uplifting experience, promoting feelings of happiness. Additionally, Pink OG is known to stimulate appetite, so it may increase the desire to eat. The THC percentage provided is an approximate range and can vary depending on the specific cultivation and batch. It’s always recommended to consult with a reliable source or dispensary for accurate information on strain characteristics and effects.

THC 18-22%

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Pink OG Strain

  • Genetics: OG Kush phenotype
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 18-22%
  • Flavours & Aroma: Floral, Sweet, Earthy, Pine
  • Effects: Relaxing, Sedating, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifting, and appetite-stimulating.

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