Pink Gelato Shatter


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Pink Gelato Shatter, a captivating hybrid born from the union of Pink Kush and Gelato, delivers a cannabis experience that marries the best traits of its parent strains. Immerse your senses in a symphony of sweet and fruity flavours, accompanied by delightful hints of berry and citrus, creating an aromatic journey that resonates with both novices and connoisseurs alike.

The strain’s visual appeal is as enchanting as its taste, showcasing pinkish hues that lend a visual allure to its name. Pink Gelato Shatter embodies a shatter consistency, breaking into brittle, glass-like fragments with ease, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer dabbing. Beyond its aesthetic and tactile appeal, this strain promises a potent and well-rounded high, making it a noteworthy selection for those seeking a harmonious blend of flavour, aroma, and effects. Pink Gelato Shatter stands as a testament to the artful craftsmanship and enticing qualities found within the diverse realm of cannabis strains.

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Pink Gelato Shatter

  • Genetics: Pink Kush x Gelato hybrid
  • Flavour & Aroma: Sweet, fruity, with berry and citrus notes
  • Colour: Pinkish hues
  • Texture: Shatter consistency, perfect for dabbing

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