Monkey Butter

THC 21-24%


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Monkey Butter Strain is an indulgent indica-dominant, ingeniously bred from the fusion of Grease Monkey and Peanut Butter Breath strains. With its potent THC levels ranging between 21-24%, it’s a strain that promises a deep and enveloping experience. True to its heritage, Monkey Butter offers a rich tapestry of aromas: the dominant scent of creamy, nutty peanut butter harmoniously blends with the robustness of diesel, complemented by sweet and spicy herbal undertones. This unique combination creates an olfactory delight that is both comforting and intriguing.

Upon partaking, Monkey Butter Strain exerts a powerful relaxing effect. It starts with a soothing wave that washes over the body, easing tension and stress, and gradually evolves into a mood-elevating euphoria. This strain is known for its ability to induce deep relaxation, making it ideal for evening use or for those seeking respite from chronic stress or pain. As the high progresses, users often find themselves drifting into a tranquil, sleepy state, making Monkey Butter a perfect ally for those battling insomnia or in need of profound, restful relaxation.

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Monkey Butter Strain

  • Genetics: Grease Monkey x Peanut Butter Breath strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 21-24%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Rich peanut butter, diesel, with notes of sweet and spicy herbs
  • Effects: Deep relaxation, stress relief, mood elevation, and can induce a tranquil, sleepy state.



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