Maui Wowie (AA+)

THC 18-21%


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The classic sativa marijuana strain Maui Wowie, sometimes called Maui Waui and “Mowie Wowie,” was created by crossing Hawaiian with an unidentified other strain. This strain transports you to the shores of Hawaii, where it originated, with its tropical flavors and stress-relieving properties. Maui Wowie has spread throughout the world since its origins in the volcanic soil of the island, blessing us with its delicious pineapple flavors and high-energy bliss. While Maui Wowie’s energetic, energizing effects may be all you need to walk outside and enjoy the sun, lighter effects let your mind wander to imaginative worlds. Although a bright environment and nutrient-rich soil are typically sufficient for indoor growing, this tall, lanky strain is best suited for cultivation in warm, tropical climates that mirror its native land.

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Maui Wowie strain

  • Genetics: Hawaiian X ?
  • THC: 18-21%
  • Flavours & Aroma: Tropical, Pineapple, Mango
  • Effects: Energetic, Uplifted, Happy

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