Master Kush Live Resin

THC 65-75%


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Master Kush Live Resin offers a sensory journey into the heart of cannabis excellence, derived from the legendary Hindu Kush landrace strain. Embracing the artistry of extraction, this live resin captivates connoisseurs with its potent composition, boasting THC levels typically ranging from 65-75%. A true embodiment of cannabis craftsmanship, Master Kush Live Resin delivers an aromatic symphony featuring earthy and woody notes, harmoniously complemented by sweet undertones and subtle hints of spice and citrus.

With genetics rooted in the ancient Hindu Kush region, this extract beckons users into a realm of relaxation and euphoria. Its effects are a testament to the strain’s legacy, inducing a serene, calming state that provides stress relief and relaxation. The resin’s texture preserves the essence of the original plant, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience with every inhalation. Whether sought for its profound effects or the delightful terpene profile, Master Kush Live Resin stands as a pinnacle of cannabis refinement, inviting enthusiasts to savor the essence of one of the most esteemed strains in the world.

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Master Kush Live Resin

  • Genetics: Hindu Kush landrace strain
  • Cannabis Type: Live Resin
  • THC: Potent, typically ranging from 65-75%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, woody, and sweet with subtle hints of spice and citrus
  • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and sedating. Known for its calming properties that can help with stress relief and relaxation.


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