LA Kush Shatter


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Indulge in the potent experience of LA Kush Shatter, a concentrated form of the popular hybrid strain with hazy genetic origins. Crafted from the mysterious LA Kush, this shatter encapsulates the strain’s signature earthy blend of pine and menthol aromas in a concentrated and convenient form. The visual appeal of this shatter is captivating with its glass-like texture and amber hues, promising both potency and aesthetic allure.

LA Kush Shatter is an ideal choice for enthusiasts who prefer dabbing methods, breaking effortlessly into brittle fragments. With its concentrated form, it delivers a powerful and well-rounded high, embodying the positive benefits of the LA Kush strain. Elevate your cannabis experience with LA Kush Shatter, exploring the concentrated essence of this enigmatic and beloved hybrid strain.

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LA Kush Shatter

  • LA Kush Genetics: possible subspecies of OG Kush and Abusive OG (unknown)
  • Concentrate Type: Indica (90% Indica/10% Sativa)
  • Flavour & Aroma: menthol, nutty, pine
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