LA Confidential

THC 28-31%


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The LA Confidential strain is a renowned indica celebrated for its impressive lineage and potent effects. A cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani, this strain embodies the best of its parentage, resulting in a cannabis variety that stands out in the market. With THC levels ranging from 28% to 31%, LA Confidential delivers a robust experience that appeals to both seasoned cannabis users and novices alike.

Upon consumption, users are greeted with a rich earthy and pine flavor profile, accented by skunky undertones that add depth to the sensory experience. This delightful combination of aromas enhances the overall enjoyment, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate a complex and well-rounded flavor journey. The effects of LA Confidential Strain are equally impressive, inducing deep relaxation and euphoria. Its potent sedative properties are perfect for unwinding, offering a tranquil experience that can help alleviate stress and tension. Ideal for those seeking a respite from a hectic day or looking to embrace a state of calm, LA Confidential Strain provides a satisfying and serene cannabis experience. Its exceptional genetics, combined with its unique flavors and powerful effects, make it a must-try strain for anyone looking to explore the best of what cannabis has to offer.

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LA Confidential Strain

  • Genetics: OG LA Affie x Afghani
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 28-31%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, pine, with skunky undertones
  • Effects: Relaxing, sedative, euphoric, and potentially sleep-inducing.

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