LA Confidential Live Resin

THC 75-85%


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LA Confidential Live Resin, extracted from the renowned LA Confidential strain, is notable for its exceptional potency, with THC levels soaring between 75-85%. This live resin encapsulates the classic, deeply earthy and piney aromas of its origin, enriched with a skunky sharpness and a hint of spice, creating a rich and complex sensory profile. Upon consumption, it delivers a powerful, sedative effect that deeply relaxes the body and mind. Renowned for its pain-relieving and stress-reducing properties, LA Confidential Live Resin is ideal for nighttime use, helping to ease users into a state of profound tranquility and peaceful sleep. Its intense calming effects make it a top choice for those seeking relief from chronic stress, pain, or insomnia, offering a sanctuary of serene relaxation.

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LA Confidential Live Resin

  • Genetics: Original LA Confidential strain
  • Cannabis Type: Live Resin
  • THC: Extremely potent, typically ranging from 75-85%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, pine, with hints of skunk and a subtle spicy undertone
  • Effects: Deeply sedative, pain-relieving, stress-reducing, and can induce a profound sense of relaxation and tranquility.

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