Krystal Kush


Krystal Kush is a Sativa-leaning hybrid from California, despite the name conjuring up exotic visions of Snow White in a twilight coma or Vladimir Lenin in his glass coffin. This strain may be a cross between two very strong standard strains, Cheese and Skunk #1, even if its precise genetic makeup is unknown. It exhibits potent effects on both sides of the spectrum, albeit it leans more toward Sativa.

The vibrant blossoms of Crystal Coma are remarkable. The bulky, thick buds produce solid, circular structures that resemble bullets as they adhere to one another. They feature a classic indica internal structure with small, tightly curled leaves and a firm, compact core. These twisted, moss-green leaves have pistils that are curly orange and brown. A high concentration of foggy, crystalline trichomes that coat the inner and outer crevices of the buds and make them difficult to break apart by hand is another characteristic of Crystal Coma, which may also be the reason for the strain’s name.

THC 22-25%

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Krystal Kush Strain

  • Cannabis Type: Sativa
  • THC: 22-25%
  • Flavours & Aroma: citrus, cheese, coffee
  • Effects: euphoric, energetic, uplifted

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