Jungle Cake

THC 20-23%20-23%


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The Jungle Cake strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred by Jungle Boys. It is a genetic combination of Wedding Cake and White Fire Alien OG. This strain doesn’t just look gorgeous with its bright neon green and purple flowers, but also provides a unique combination of effects that consumers can enjoy.

Jungle Cake’s flavor and aroma profile are truly unique. Many describe it as having a taste of sweet vanilla and candy. You may also find a hint of pine and fuel in the mix. Upon exhaling, you’ll detect notes of creamy nuts. For those lucky enough to find this strain, Jungle Cake will provide its users with an uplifting high that will keep them feeling relaxed and focused. Jungle Cake is most commonly associated with its potent effects which include uplifted mood and focus, coupled with a relaxed and happy body sensation. Consumers report feeling a euphoric buzz pass through the body, allowing for muscle relaxation. On the flip side, some find that the strain’s couch-locking effects make it more difficult to get up and drive around.

The THC levels of the Jungle Cake strain tend to vary depending on the cultivar, however, most have levels testing at around 22%. Its CBD levels are usually less than 0.5%. The medicinal effects of the Jungle Cake strain are said to be beneficial for those dealing with physical pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. Its effects can be powerful for those seeking a soothing strain that won’t cause too much psychoactivity.

All in all, Jungle Cake is a beautiful and unique strain that is making a name for itself. Its uplifting effects and unique flavors make this strain a great choice for consumers looking for something a little bit different

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Jungle Cake Strain

  • Genetics: Wedding Cake X Wifi 43
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 20-23%
  • Flavours & Aroma: vanilla, pepper, nutty
  • Effects: talkative, happy, giggly


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