Infused Pre-Roll (1g)

THC distillate and Kief


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Our infused pre-roll is a pre-rolled cannabis joint that has been infused with THC distillate and kief. These pre-rolls are crafted by combining high-quality flower with concentrated extracts to enhance the potency and effects of the joint. This is a ready-to-use option for consumers seeking a potent and flavorful smoking experience. The infusion process adds an extra layer of potency and can introduce different flavors and effects to the pre-roll. With an infused pre-roll, users can enjoy the convenience of a pre-rolled joint along with the intensified effects provided by the added cannabis concentrates and oils.

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  • 1g pre-roll infused with kief and THC distillate
  • All bud no trim
  • THC content: extremely high please smoke with caution


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