Ice Cream Cookies


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With a 60/40 Indica/Sativa ratio, Ice Cream Cookies is a marijuana strain that leans mostly toward Indica. Paradise Seeds manufactured the hybrid cannabis in question. Long, dark green leaves are present. The strain has green-colored buds with reddish hair and icy trichomes. It tastes great and gives you the impression that you are eating smooth, creamy ice cream. It causes a tremendous buzz that equally impacts your head and body. Since cannabis in ice cream has a high THC content, this is to be expected. Your body experiences the numbing effects of the strain for a considerable amount of time. It is an effective remedy for stress, anxiety, sadness, and appetite loss. Smoking is safe, although it tends to dry up your lips and eyes.

THC 18-22%   CBD 0.1%

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  • Ice Cream Cookies
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid (60% Indica/ 40% Sativa)
  • THC: 16-20% | CBD: 0.1%
  • Flavour & Aroma: creamy, nutty, sweet, vanilla, honey
  • Effects: happy, euphoric, sleepy, relaxing

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