THC 25-28%


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The Guava strain is an inviting hybrid, drawing its rich lineage from the crossbreeding of Guava Kush with the venerable OG Kush. It showcases a comfortable THC range of 25-28%, perfect for those seeking a middle ground of potency that provides therapeutic benefits without overwhelming intensity. The flavor profile is a lush tropical tapestry, dominated by the sweet, exotic taste of guava, complemented by a whisper of earthiness that grounds its fruity exuberance.

Upon indulging in Guava Strain, users may find a serene calm enveloping the body, easing tension and soothing the physical form. This is accompanied by a mental clarity and focus that breaks through the fog of daily stress. Its well-rounded effects also spark a gentle stimulation of the appetite, making it a potential ally for those needing to inspire hunger. Guava’s balanced impact makes it a versatile strain suitable for evening relaxation or for bolstering a sense of well-being during the day.

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Guava Strain

  • Genetics: Guava Kush x OG Kush strains
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 25-28%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Tropical, fruity, with notes of guava and a subtle earthy undertone
  • Effects: Calming, body-soothing, mentally clarifying, and can induce hunger.

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  1. Ed Thring (verified owner)

    This strain was my least favourite AAAA so far. It got you high but a lot of coughing as well. It definitely is still great bud just not my favourite

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