Green Crack Shatter


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Green Crack Shatter Strain is a dynamic cannabis concentrate that embodies the essence of the iconic Green Crack strain. Created with precision extraction techniques, this shatter showcases a crystalline texture and robust potency. With THC levels often ranging from 70% to 90%, Green Crack Shatter Strain delivers an invigorating and energizing high that sparks creativity and focus.

The effects are revered by both recreational and medicinal users, offering a burst of mental clarity and a surge of motivation. Immerse yourself in the concentrated burst of Green Crack’s signature sweet and tangy flavors for an intensified and spirited cannabis journey. Whether you’re in need of a pick-me-up during a busy day or seeking a boost of inspiration, this shatter strain provides a crisp and focused experience. Embark on a sensory adventure with Green Crack Shatter Strain, where its concentrated potency and vibrant effects bring a fresh and revitalizing twist to a legendary strain.

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Green Crack Shatter

  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Afghani
  • Flavor & Aroma: Citrusy, fruity, with notes of tropical fruits and a hint of earthiness.
  • Color: Electric Green
  • Texture: Brittle, Crystalline

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