Grape Ape

THC 20-23%


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Grape Ape is an Indica-dominant strain that’s known for its grape-like aroma and flavor profile. It’s a cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace, resulting in a potent and flavorful strain that can deliver a relaxing and euphoric experience. As you consume Grape Ape, you’ll be greeted with the sweet and fruity flavors of grape and berry, along with earthy undertones that create a well-rounded experience for your taste buds. The aroma is just as pleasant, with its fruity and fragrant scent that can make your mouth water.

The effects of Grape Ape are primarily relaxing and sedative, making it an ideal strain for those looking for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Its euphoric high can also help uplift your mood and provide a sense of happiness. With THC levels ranging from 18-21%, Grape Ape offers a potent but balanced experience that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a lazy weekend. Overall, Grape Ape is a delicious and powerful strain that can satisfy your cravings for a fruity and relaxing cannabis experience.

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Grape Ape Strain

  • Genetics: Mendocino Purps x Skunk #1 x an Afghani landrace
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 20-23%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Grape, berry, earthy
  • Effects: Relaxing, sedative, euphoric, pain relief, appetite stimulation


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  1. 420 club (verified owner)

    This was soooooo good..from start to finish first it his you with a sweet ,tangy smell..well manicured buds and burns super white. It’s a creeper high with a euphoric head high,makes the eyes feel heavy.Munchie effect is a ten I smoked a regular and now a whole pie is gone..I highly recommend.

  2. Thomas Shue (verified owner)

    things are about to get real fruity up in here. Forget about savoury, gassy, and earthy flavours for a second. Right now were going to talk about the SWEEEETEST weeds As the name implies it literally smells like grapes. It lights up the taste buds!! The heavy body high eliminates tension and leaves you feeling mellow and content. Overall, she makes for one heck of a smoke after a busy and stressful day.

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