Grape Ape Wax

THC 70-80%


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Grape Ape wax, derived from the esteemed Grape Ape strain, embodies the pinnacle of cannabis concentrate craftsmanship. This extract boasts a heritage deeply rooted in the esteemed genetics of Grand Daddy Purp and Afghani strains, ensuring a potent and distinctive experience. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, it carries the soothing qualities characteristic of its lineage. With THC concentrations reaching an impressive 70-80%, Grape Ape wax delivers a robust and potent high, making it a favorite among seasoned enthusiasts seeking intense effects.

Its extraction process meticulously captures the essence of its parent strain, resulting in a concentrate with a pronounced grape-like aroma and flavor profile that tantalizes the senses. Beyond its sensory delights, Grape Ape wax is cherished for its therapeutic properties, offering profound pain relief and ushering in a serene, sedative state perfect for unwinding after a long day. Crafted with precision and care, Grape Ape wax stands as a testament to the artistry of cannabis extraction, providing an unparalleled journey for those seeking exceptional potency and flavor in their cannabis experience.

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Grape Ape Wax

  • Genetics: Legendary lineage from Grand Daddy Purp and Afghani strains.
  • Cannabis Type: Indica.
  • THC: Potencies ranging between 70-80%.
  • Flavors & Aroma: Distinctive grape-like smell and flavor.
  • Effects: Known for providing pain relief and inducing a relaxing, sleepy high.

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