G13 Haze

THC 18-22%


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Legend has it that in the 1960s, this strain was created by the CIA, the FBI, and another top-secret organization from a variety of other extremely potent strains. At the University of Mississippi, a top-secret sub-group of this combination finally created Frankenstein’s Monster in 1970 after years of trial and error, only to have a cunning technician grab a sample and start reproducing it for the general public. Of course, none of this is likely to be accurate, but what a great story, huh?

This very potent strain is also known as “Government Indica Strain 1,” which just adds to the rumors and makes the enigmatic reality of its genesis even more intriguing. If you enjoy a ridiculous backstory as well as a potent, long-lasting high that lasts for hours. G13, which was bred to be the “ideal strain,” comes incredibly close. Tremendous flavors, great effects, and little work on the side of the smoker to achieve a powerful high that will knock you out? Check again and again.

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G13 Haze Strain

  • Genetics: unknown
  • Cannabis Type: Indica
  • THC: 18-22% | CBD: 1%
  • Flavors & Aroma: pine, pepper, sage
  • Effects: euphoric, talkative, giggly

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