Fritter Glitter Shatter


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Fritter Glitter Shatter, an exclusive hybrid creation, brings together undisclosed strains to craft a truly unique cannabis experience. With an enticing flavour and aroma profile, this strain delights the senses with sweet and fruity notes reminiscent of delectable apple fritters, enhanced by a subtle hint of glimmer. The strain’s appearance is as captivating as its name suggests, showcasing golden hues that evoke the warm tones of freshly baked fritters, adding visual allure to the overall experience.

In terms of texture, Fritter Glitter Shatter is characterized by its brittle and glass-like consistency. This shatter form allows for easy handling and consumption, particularly suitable for methods like dabbing. Beyond its aesthetic and tactile appeal, the strain is sure to captivate users with a balanced and potent high, making it a noteworthy choice for those seeking a unique and flavourful journey in the world of cannabis. Fritter Glitter Shatter stands out not only for its name but also for its harmonious blend of sensory delights and therapeutic effects.

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Fritter Glitter Shatter

  • Genetics: Distinctive hybrid fusion
  • Flavour & Aroma: Delightful notes of sweet apple fritter with a touch of shimmer
  • Colour: Radiant golden hues
  • Texture: Shatter consistency

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