Elements Gummies | Pick any 3 for $33

600mg THC (30 pieces)


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Choose 3 packs of Elements gummies for only $33 (reg. $42)!



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Elements | Orange Grapefruit

Elements | Pink Lemonade

Elements | Blueberry Gummies

Elements | Sour Mango Gummies

Elements | Raspberry Gummies


  1. Lazy Dorito (verified owner)

    Great for headaches and migraines.

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Love the gummies, so glad they come in a deal pack now!

  3. Sean L (verified owner)

    1-2 of these is the perfect amount for me to sleep at night. I struggle with staying asleep, but when I take edibles I can usually make it 5-6 hours before I wake up. Worth trying for sure if you have the same problem I do.

  4. NotoriousTHC (verified owner)

    Raspberry is the best flavor. Orange grapefruit is my least favorite, but I hate grapefruit. I wish they would make an orange only version.

  5. Jonesy8614 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all 6 flavors, sour mango is a must!

  6. Lionheart86 (verified owner)

    Really great value!

  7. Shadowman (verified owner)

    I have anxiety and these edibles really help calm me down. I like how no one knows I’m taking edibles because the packaging is subtle. The deal pack is definitely the way to go

  8. Shauna

    Love these gummies as they are the perfect dose for me throughout the day. Customer service and delivery was exceptional and I am certainly ordering again!

  9. Foxyladyy (verified owner)

    I love this package deal.

  10. Blair (verified owner)

    Good deal. Wish they had a 6 or 10 pack deal as well.

  11. Dikshant94 (verified owner)

    Great product when on sale

  12. Kai (verified owner)

    For me, this is the best edibles deal for the price.
    I’ve tried other ones on the market, but these are the best. My girl even likes these, and she doesn’t normally like the way edibles make her feel.

  13. Kristie M (verified owner)

    Love these. Great taste and just the right amount to make ya happy

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