Earth OG

THC 22-23%


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Earth OG Strain is a captivating sativa-dominant, skillfully crafted from the dynamic pairing of Sour Diesel and Ghost OG. This strain showcases a THC content that hovers between 22-23%, striking a harmonious balance between potency and approachability. It is distinguished by its deeply earthy and piney aroma, which is delicately laced with a hint of citrus and a subtle diesel undertone, evoking the essence of a serene forest after rain.

Upon indulging, Earth OG Strain swiftly ushers in an energizing and euphoric uplift. The cerebral effects are predominantly stimulating, igniting creativity and mental clarity, which makes it an excellent choice for daytime use or for any task that requires focus and mental acuity. Simultaneously, it imparts a soothing body relaxation that’s not overwhelmingly sedative, allowing users to remain active and engaged. Its blend of uplifting and grounding effects makes Earth OG a versatile strain, perfect for those seeking to enhance mood, spur productivity, or simply enjoy a moment of grounded euphoria in their day.

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Earth OG Strain

  • Genetics: Sour Diesel x Ghost OG strains
  • Cannabis Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 22-23%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, pine, with a hint of citrus and a subtle diesel undertone
  • Effects: Energizing, euphoric, mentally stimulating, and can offer a balanced body relaxation.

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