Duke Nuken

THC 23-24%


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Duke Nuken is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain known for its energizing and uplifting effects. It’s named after the video game character due to its stimulating properties. Duke Nukem typically provides a cerebral high that promotes creativity, focus, and a boost in mood. Users often report feeling euphoric, energetic, and mentally stimulated after consuming this strain. It has a citrusy and earthy aroma with hints of spice. Duke Nukem is a popular choice for daytime use, as it can provide an invigorating and motivating effect. However, individual experiences may vary, and the effects of Duke Nukem can depend on factors such as dosage and individual tolerance. As with any cannabis strain, use responsibly and in moderation.

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Duke Nuken Strain

  • Genetics: Chemdawg x Skunk #1 strains
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 23-24%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Earthy, citrus, with subtle hints of tropical fruit
  • Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, and mentally energizing,

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