Donkey Breath

THC 25-27%


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Donkey Breath is a hybrid strain with an indica dominance that is thought to be a Big Island Skunk phenotype that has taken on an unsavoury appearance. This plant’s long, extremely dense nugs are pepper-shaped, dark olive green, coated in fine hairy amber hairs, and the trichomes are clear crystals with discernible droplets of sticky, sweet resin. The Donkey Breath high has indica effects that are ideal for a novice user and is fairly mellow in nature. It is effective for treating experienced users who suffer from diseases including chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss due to these effects and its high 23–27% THC content. The aroma of Donkey Breath instantly fills any space with a powerful aroma of spicy, dank skunk with a hint of biting pungency. The flavour is extremely sour and pungently skunky, and it is complemented by a spicy exhale that is surprisingly smooth.


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Donkey Breath Strain

  • Donkey Breath Strain
  • Cannabis Type: Indica (70% Indica/ 30% Sativa)
  • THC: 25-27% | CBD: 1-2%
  • Flavour & Aroma: diesel, pine, skunky, spicy
  • Effects: happy, cerebral, relaxed, hungry

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  1. Ed Thring (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke, great flavour, smells wonderful, great bag appeal. Great bud

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