Dairy Queen

THC 18-23%


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The hybrid Dairy Queen is Sativa-dominant but produces a very well-balanced high that may be used in any situation or mood. It was created by the prolific growing organization TGA Subcool, which has also produced creative strains like Cheesequake and Pennywise. This strain is a hybrid of the popular Sativa Cinderella 99 and the English classic Cheese. The potency of Dairy Queen was estimated by the cannabis testing facility Analytical 360 to range between 18% and 22% THC.

The medium to large flowers at Dairy Queen come in a variety of shapes, from spade-like to nearly cylindrical. The buds have an indica-like shape that is hefty and dense. The densely clustered leaves are a deep shade of forest green and densely covered in light brown pistils. These compact buds have a gloss from crystalline white trichomes, which also makes them hard to break apart.

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Dairy Queen Strain

  • Genetics: Cinderella 99 X Cheese
  • Cannabis Type: Hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
  • THC: 18-23%
  • Flavours & Aroma: cheese, vanilla, sweet
  • Effects: energetic, happy, aroused

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