THC 25-27%


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The Comatose strain is an intense indica-dominant hybrid, carefully cultivated by crossing the potent OG Kush with another heavy indica to ensure a profound sedative effect. It presents a formidable THC content ranging between 25-27%, making it a heavyweight contender in the realm of relaxation. The flavor profile of Comatose is complex and earthy; its deep musk is layered with the sharpness of lemon zest and the fresh, resinous scent of pine, delivering a rich and immersive smoking experience.

When indulged, Comatose Strain lives up to its name by swiftly ushering in a state of deep relaxation. It targets the muscles with its soothing touch, easing tension and chronic pain with remarkable efficiency. As the effects deepen, it blankets the mind in tranquility, often leading to a peaceful sleep. Given its potent effects, the Comatose strain is best reserved for late evening use, providing an escape for those seeking respite from insomnia or simply a quiet night of restorative rest.

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Comatose Strain

  • Genetics: OG Kush x Another Heavy Indica strains
  • Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 25-27%
  • Flavors & Aroma: Deep, musky, with notes of lemon and pine
  • Effects: Deeply sedating, muscle relaxing, pain-relieving, and sleep-inducing.

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