Citrus OG

THC 22-23%


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Indulge in the tranquil embrace of the Citrus OG Strain, a CBD-dominant Hybrid born from the union of Swiss Gold and Cannatonic strains. This carefully crafted strain offers a balanced profile, showcasing the genetic prowess of its parentage. With a moderate THC content ranging from 22-23%, Citrus OG ensures a gentle and controlled experience that caters to those seeking therapeutic benefits without a pronounced psychoactive impact.

The sensory journey of Citrus OG Strain is a delightful adventure, with herbal notes interwoven with the fresh essence of pine and subtle citrus undertones. It’s a refreshing and invigorating experience for the senses. Beyond its flavorful appeal, Citrus OG delivers non-intoxicating and calming effects, making it a go-to choice for those desiring relief from anxiety and pain without the weight of significant psychoactivity. Embrace the serenity of Citrus OG, where therapeutic efficacy meets a nuanced and enjoyable cannabis encounter.

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Citrus OG Strain

  • Genetics: Swiss Gold x Cannatonic strains, forming a balanced profile.
  • Cannabis Type: CBD-dominant Hybrid, offering therapeutic benefits with minimal psychoactivity.
  • THC: Moderate, 22-23%, ensuring a gentle and controlled experience.
  • Flavors & Aroma: Herbal with fresh pine and subtle citrus undertones for a refreshing sensory encounter.
  • Effects: Non-intoxicating and calming, Citrus OG alleviates anxiety and pain without significant psychoactivity.



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