Cherry Grease


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This Cherry Grease strain is a well-balanced hybrid created by combining three very potent strains! This strain has a blended genealogy that includes Cherry Punch, Grease Monkey, and Wedding Cake, and it definitely has a mouthful of flavour! Rich, creamy, and smooth in flavour, with skunky diesel and sweet cherry undertones. The Cherry Grease high begins to take effect quite quickly, flooding the user’s mind with cerebral flow. With this tasty strain, a rise in good vibes and energy is inevitable. Users have described racing thoughts and greater alertness at large doses, although these are also accompanied by heightened euphoria and an overall feeling of wellbeing. This mental hold will gradually take control of the user’s body, melting away stress and tight muscles.

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Cherry Grease Strain

  • Flavor: Sweet, Citrus, peppery
  • Effects: Calming, Happy, Euphoric
  • This sweet, earthy hybrid has slight skunk undertones drawn from parent strain Grease Monkey. This cherry grease strain keeps you wanting more with fruity aromas and cerebral effects lasting for several hours.

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