THC 18-21%


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This ostensibly humorous tribute to the Bush-era security firm is actually very effective as medicine, including uses in the treatment of anxiety, depressive disorders, headaches, migraines and other types, muscle spasms, nerve pain, and chronic physical pain. Blackwater isn’t particularly well-liked by those who have tried it, but testing indicates a high level of THC, surpassing at least 20%. It might be difficult to obtain reliable CBD data, however, it appears to make up significantly less than 1% of this strain, therefore Blackwater is not advised for seizure treatment. With a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 10:90, this strain is predominately indica, which explains its intensely physical effects. It is the offspring of the renowned Mendocino Purps and the sativa-dominant hybrid San Fernando Valley OG. Blackwater tastes earthy and has a delicious berry aroma. Intensely calming and deeply euphoric, with strong psychedelic effects, couch-lock, lethargy, and acute hunger, the body high is also quite relaxing.

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  • Cannabis Type: Indica (90% Indica/ 10% Sativa)
  • THC: 18-21% | CBD: 1%
  • Flavour & Aroma: berry, grape, lemon, pine, sweet
  • Effects: hungry, euphoria, sleepy, happy

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  1. kdarmstrong882 (verified owner)

    This is my favorite one so far! The beautiful nose of sweet lemony pine hits you as soon as you open the bag. And let me tell you, it carries on to flavor! These wonderfully dence budz are fantastic and a must try!

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