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Afghan Sour Kush


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An Indica strain of marijuana called Afghan Sour Kush has excellent calming effects. Created by MTG Seeds through the cross-breeding of the sweet Afghani strain and the sour Kush strain, this exquisite hybrid has flavours unmatched by anything else. On the initial inhale, a mouthwatering burst of sweet berry and waves of earthy pine and acidic citrus overwhelm your taste. It’s preferable to use Afghan Sour Kush in the evening because it can be sedating.

THC 15-21%

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  • Afghan Sour Kush
  • Cannabis Type: Indica (70% Indica/ 30% Sativa)
  • THC: 15-21% | CBD: 0.1%
  • Flavour & Aroma: berry, earthy, hints of sour and citrus
  • Effects: euphoria, sleepy, relaxed

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